Thrive and be your BEST self!

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GET EMPOWERED! uses multicultural & healing arts, education & creative coaching to empower people of all ages.




Get Empowered! partners with YMCA of Greater NY and New American Initiative Sites in support of diversity/inclusion and the launch of National "New American Welcome Week." Get Empowered! provided cultural & healing arts activities to celebrate our theme "Communities in Unity" Events. 7 site citywide + an All-Staff Conference. Diversity, Inclusion, Community-Building for ALL ages! Proud to support Flatbush, Brooklyn, Sept 16 + Staten Island Sept 17 + Ellis Island Sept 19 + Harlem Sept 20 + Prospect Park, Bklyn Sept 21 + Flushing, Queens Sept 22 + Bronx Sept 23 + Chinatown Sept 24

I am Light! Inspired by the music, lyrics and mission of artist India Arie Our K-8 youth get empowered through diverse India Arie songs, along with music-making, dance, American Sign Language, meditation, yoga and singing to find and spread the light within!

ANNOUNCING: K-12 & Community Based Organization Partnership Sites:

North Oakland Community Charter School, Oakland, CA (K- 8th graders - 24 classes per week)

YMCA of Greater NY - New American Initiative Sites & Centers throughout NYC and Staff Development Training & Empowerment Conference

KIPP Prize Charter School, San Jose, CA (3-5th graders = 6 classes per week)

ASCEND Charter School, Brooklyn, NY (K-8th graders = 8 classes per week and monthly school-wide assembly programs)

CAMBA Inc + Flagstone Community & Homeless Shelter, Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY (6 - 8th graders = 4 classes per week)

East Harlem Tutorial Program and East Harlem Scholars Academy, Harlem, NY (2nd - 8th graders = 12 classes per week)

Children of Promise - children of incarcerated parents, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn (K-5th graders)


For me, being a part of Get Empowered means I belong and I know I can be or face anything. I’m happier, stronger and believe in myself. Now I want to empower other people too!
— Juan, 14 yrs old


I get empowered by doing ginga’s during capoeira, samba reggae and learning new drum beats. It makes me feel all the energy I didn’t know I had!
— Drevon, 9 yrs old



The Get Empowered! Mission: Uplift, unify, empower & support children, families & adults in being their best selves and overcoming obstacles socially, emotionally, physically and/or intellectually through cultural & healing arts, education and creative coaching.

Our unique program design & activities: boost self-esteem, improve communication, enhance team-work, foster respect, increase positive energy, enhance focus & productivity, and model healthy life-skills that uplift individuals and/or groups in school, home, community and business settings. At any age...ALL of us deserves to thrive and be our best selves!

Get Empowered! can be provided in any setting nationally. Our dynamic, uplifting and passionate team facilitates customized = workshops, weekly or monthly residencies, conference presentations, fundraisers and/or interactive events.

We empower participants through our unique framework of arts, education and unifying activities:

  • Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial arts / dance combo)
  • World Music / Drumming / Singing
  • Global Dance & Urban Hip Hop
  • Global Learning / Diversity & Inclusion Education
  • Mixed-Media Arts
  • Empowerment Circles: Lead from the Positive = Overcoming Obstacles & Goal-Setting thru healing arts, meditation, mindfulness, yoga & coaching conversations
  • Communities in Unity blended activities & training

Thanks to generous support and funding from TDA Inc and our sister non-profit TahDah Foundation - we are continuing to expand Get Empowered Nationally.

Learn more about us: check out our team of artists, our K-12 and Corporate program menus, or become a sponsor. Get involved & GET EMPOWERED with us!

I never knew about capoeira or the gumboot dance, they are so much fun and I leaned a lot about how music and dance help people to deal with hard stuff in life and feel strong or safe. I want to go to Brazil and South Africa one day. I always love get empowered days, they give me energy!
— Zariyah, 10 yrs old